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Running the Civitan Sun Run 10k (or rather, 8K), Hendersonville, North Carolina June 20, 2009

Missed Turn Makes This 10k an 8k
Missed Turn Makes This 10k an 8k

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Update: Results now available for the Civitan Sun Run 10k …

Nice turnout for this first running of the Civitan Sun Run.  I did the 10k, there was also a 5k.  The 10k starts in Jackson Park in Hendersonville, then heads out onto country roads, finishing back in the park.

I had a hunch that we were getting back to the park a little early and when we were heading into the finish chute my Garmin had 5.04 miles.  It turns out that we were directed out of the park early and were supposed to spend more time (and another mile or so) inside the park before hitting the road.  Unfortunate hiccups with a new race.  I’m not sure what happened in the 5k but it sounds like there was some confusion there too.

I don’t know if we’ll see the electronic version of the results soon.  It’s part of the Asheville Track Club Grand Prix so we should see it when they update the standings.  The overall winner of the 10k 8k was Josey Weaver.


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