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Results of the Jeff Hewitt Memorial 5k – April 5, 2014 – Cliffs at Walnut Cove – Asheville, NC

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It was cool and dark when I pulled through the gate of the Cliffs at Walnut Cove. I received some vague driving directions from the guards at the gate and figured “how hard can it possibly be to find the race?” Well, I wasn’t alone. There were quite a few of us driving around and turning around while attempting to find the actual race location. Obviously we eventually found it.

We lined up for the start at 8 AM and shot across the starting line and apparently ALL OF US then took a wrong turn. After a few hundred yards we completed a circle and were heading towards the finish line hearing an announcement that we were going to stop and try this over again going in the right direction.

Now we were really ready. Start number two worked just fine and we enjoyed a nice, scenic and moderately challenging course. Congratulations to Joel Collier as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Kimzey Ellis as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Joel CollierAsheville NcM3219:426:21
2Randy WilsonSwannanoa NcM5419:466:22
3Lincoln CrosseAsheville NcM5520:176:32
4Jason CarterAsheville NcM2620:186:32
5Joe BarrettAsheville NcM5221:146:50
6Gerald CottonAsheville NcM4921:226:53
7Lance MartinAsheville NcM4321:296:55
8Danny RichardsonMiami FlM2521:386:58
9Tim BaylessAsheville NcM2621:437:00
10Gregory BauernfeindArden NcM3821:547:03
11Kimzey EllisCandler NcF2522:007:05
12Philip TaylorFletcher NcM3222:217:12
13Tyler GarrettAlexander NcM2323:107:28
14Todd HokeHendersonville NcM4423:177:30
15John TreleavenCandler NcM6223:437:38
16Preston JonesMarshall NcM6224:027:44
17Victor DostrowAsheville NcM5424:137:48
18Teresa WarstlerAsheville NcF4924:237:51
19Mary WinchesterAsheville NcF4924:247:52
20Dennis DuffyAsheville NcM5524:327:54
21Christian RomingerFairview NcM2624:337:54
22Randy HughesFairview NcM5524:347:55
23Phillip ConnerSwannanoa NcM3825:408:16
24Donald O. HewittBiltmore Lake NcM7025:438:17
25Jimmy BranchCandler NcM4125:548:20
26Janet BensleyArden NcF6126:088:25
27Thomas RosfjordBiltmore Lake NcM6726:108:26
28Jerry SoesbeeHendersonville NcM3426:188:28
29Ron GriswoldPittsfield MaM6626:578:41
30Bobby BeardAsheville NcM2427:198:48
31Nick HonerkampClyde NcM4627:238:49
32Raylene MorrowBurnsville NcF5027:348:53
33Sherry StonemanWeaverville NcF3927:348:53
34Ken ShieldsWeaverville NcM4427:368:53
35Doug JohnsonAsheville NcM5027:408:55
36Kathy StahlyAsheville NcF6327:438:56
37Donna CopeCanton NcF5627:579:00
38Tina RiceMarshall NcF3828:189:07
39Haley MartinLeicester NcF2828:339:12
40Sherry RoaneAsheville NcF5428:339:12
41Amanda AllenBarnardsville NcF2428:479:16
42Benita AugeWeaverville NcF6628:559:19
43Mindy SmithAsheville NcF2728:559:19
44Billy MorrisseyAsheville NcM5229:319:30
45Debbie LecroyAsheville NcF5029:319:30
46Debby LewisAsheville NcF5829:369:32
47Mark WhittedLeicester NcM4629:499:36
48Tina HonerkampClyde NcF4529:589:39
49Rosie SheppardHendersonville NcF4630:079:42
50Kathrine LewisHendersonville NcF2730:099:43
51Debbie SummeyHorse Shoe NcF5730:469:55
52James RedmonAsheville NcM4330:489:55
53Lillian RedmonAsheville NcF1130:489:55
54Carolyn SnipesAsheville NcF4330:509:56
55Lois HancockArden NcF5131:2510:07
56Kathy HughesFairview NcF5331:3110:09
57Roger GosnellAsheville NcM6231:3610:11
58Morgan GreggGreer ScF2331:5410:16
59Tom LawsGreer ScM5032:0210:19
60Travis JonesAsheville NcM3032:2410:26
61Jennifer JonesAsheville NcF3132:2610:27
62Joshua KiserSwannanoa NcM3732:3010:28
63Kim WilliamsAsheville NcF5232:3010:28
64Michael CopeCanton NcM5632:5110:35
65Lisa RobertsBarnardsville NcF3933:0010:38
66Annie MottArden NcF3333:0910:40
67Zeff ChildressAsheville NcM3233:1310:42
68Suzanne GibbsHendersonville NcF4533:2010:44
69Lucy HillmanFletcher NcF2533:3010:47
70Heather GreggHendersonville NcF2733:3210:48
71Carey HarterFletcher NcF3433:4810:53
72Judy DavidsonSwannanoa NcF5733:5010:54
73Donald CovertChattanooga TnM6334:4111:10
74Katherine MuseCrestview FlF3834:5611:15
75Carol FoxCanton NcF4535:2111:23
76Tracy HowellFletcher NcF4435:2111:23
77Jeffrey EatonArden NcM4436:1711:41
78Erika KoflerAsheville NcF3536:3711:47
79Erica MuseNcF3636:3811:48
80Carol CovertChattanooga TnF6436:4811:51
81Christi DiltsAsheville NcF3536:5611:54
82Melinda JohnsonGreer ScF5337:1311:59
83Liz KimzeyLeicester NcF5038:3612:26
84Iveth RankineArden NcF4139:3012:43
85Martha MarshallAsheville NcF6939:4112:47
86Lynn RappAsheville NcF4843:5414:08
87Gail StonemanWeaverville NcF6649:1515:51
88Terri HoldenNewport News VaF5049:3315:57
89Sarah LaliberteCandler NcF31

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