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Results of the Pisgah Pavement Pounder 5k – November 22, 2014 – Canton NC

Pisgah Pavement Pounder 5k

This is a great, very well organized race for a great cause. The course is fast and mostly flat with a few minor hills and plenty of variety, including the greenway in the town of Canton. Congratulations to Sarah Beth Lee and Andrew Hammel as winners of the female and male divisions respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Sarah Beth LeeWaynesville NcF2618:526:05
2Andrew HammelClyde NcM1319:166:12
3Daniel MashburnCanton NcM1519:216:14
4David ShortAsheville NcM3119:446:21
5Drew SingletonWaynesville NcM1721:527:03
6Carter BinkleyClyde NcM1422:117:09
7Porter RichardsonM1222:577:24
8Lisa CookClyde NcF4723:047:26
9Sebastian QuigleyCanton NcM1323:237:32
10Jennifer MccallWaynesville NcF3823:327:35
11Tony MashburnCanton NcM1824:307:54
12Mike TomkinsonM6624:437:58
13Ariana PhillipsCanton NcF1724:437:58
14Jacqueline BurrisCanton NcF3724:447:58
15Dennis DuffyAsheville NcM5625:038:04
16Mandy BallewBurnsville NcF3826:028:23
17Cole WalkerCanton NcM1726:068:25
18Sherry StonemanWeaverville NcF3926:088:25
19Tanner ReeseCanton NcM1526:198:28
20Raylene MorrowBurnsville NcF5126:518:39
21Sherry RoaneAsheville NcF5527:579:00
22Emily InmanMaggie Valley NcF1328:039:02
23Shawn EarnestWaynesville NcM3928:199:07
24Cook IvyClyde NcF1328:269:10
25Phillip HammCanton NcM3528:279:10
26Jordan MoodyM1928:319:11
27Roger KingCanton NcM6028:389:13
28Donna CopeCanton NcF5729:099:23
29William CovinCanton NcM4429:109:23
30Brandy UnderwoodHendersonville NcF3129:209:27
31Chip SingletonWaynesville NcM4929:339:31
32Amy StonemanAsheville NcF3330:009:40
33Jennie BoothroydCanton NcF4130:479:55
34Zach MullCanton NcM1231:009:59
35Sheila MullCanton NcF3931:019:59
36Lisa HollandCanton NcF4531:5010:15
37Michael CopeCanton NcM5732:0710:21
38Christy PaceClyde NcF4532:0810:21
39Molly BoothroydCanton NcF1233:0210:38
40Tammy EnsleyCanton NcF3934:1711:02
41Olivia CookClyde NcF1536:5211:52
42Brooke GarlandCanton NcF1347:2715:17
43Greg GarlandCanton NcM4747:2715:17
44Sarah ShermanCanton NcF7347:5115:24
45Beth GrayCanton NcF5449:0115:47
46Gail StonemanF6753:0217:04

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