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Results of the Tsali Frosty Foot 50k Trail Race – January 17, 2015 – Robbinsville NC

Foot Rx Asheville Winter Trail Series 2014/2015

Nice turnout for the Tsali Frosty Foot Trail races today. Everyone who completed these races deserves a big shout out and a beverage of their choice. Congratulations to Adam Standley and Mandy Higdon as winners of the male and female divisions respectively in the Tsali 50k Trail Race. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Adam StandleyAsheville NcM273:47:147:19
2Jamie CookBryson City NcM453:52:307:29
3Arnaud LevasseurAsheville NcM434:07:477:59
4Brad ReedJonesbrough TnM394:12:398:08
5Kenny StandleyColumbia ScM544:25:508:34
6Mike ZerressenBrevard NcM544:27:368:37
7Bradley SpearsOak Ridge TnM364:27:378:37
8Andy ApplegateAsheville NcM494:28:158:39
9Mandy HigdonAsheville NcF344:30:148:42
10Valerie MatenaCharlotte NcF284:37:458:57
11Chip CraigMontreat NcM504:38:188:58
12Gregory PollackAsheville NcM384:44:139:09
13Joshua LundinCharlotte NcM354:44:159:09
14Dan KnechtelAsheville NcM404:44:349:10
15Gerald RayKingsport TnM284:45:259:12
16Maggie RuschAsheville NcF274:49:159:19
17Bryan DillinghamArden NcM394:50:079:21
18Sara MolsknessAsheville NcF324:52:359:26
19Robin MehlerAsheville NcF375:05:009:49
20James OocummaCherokee NcM405:05:309:50
21Marc JacksonLittle Switzerland NcM445:05:439:51
22Benjamin PhanAsheville NcM275:06:329:52
23Daniele PizzoAsheville NcM315:06:329:52
24David HolmesKnoxville TnM305:09:219:58
25Jason MannAsheville NcM375:10:4610:01
26Daniel SummerlinAsheville NcM455:14:0610:07
27Eugene HumeAsheville NcM395:15:4710:10
28Russell MarekKnoxville TnM445:17:0310:13
29Clint GeorgeArden NcM375:17:2410:13
30Glynetta VogtJohnson City TnF395:18:0810:15
31Chad HallyburtonSylva NcM465:28:1710:34
32Sid HoodKingsport TnM555:28:2310:35
33Rush AustinBurnsville NcM485:31:5710:42
34Ann Marie VollmarCumming GaF465:37:3910:53
35Nicholas KindtAsheville NcM365:38:2710:54

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