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Results of the Band Aid 8k – February 28, 2015 – Asheville High School – Asheville NC


A nice turnout for the Band Aid races this morning. The temperature was crisp at 10 AM when we lined up on the Asheville High School track to start the 8k. We did a full loop around the track and then went off the reservation for the bulk of the race. It was a different course from last year with a bit more hill. The finish was back on the track with a full lap before crossing the finish line.

Congratulations to Craig Plunkard and Holly Di Giovine as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Craig PlunkardM4030:226:07
2Joel JohnsonM4031:126:17
3Sean DalyM2531:246:19
4Bryan WhiteAsheville NcM3432:166:30
5Randall WilsonM5533:256:44
6Justin WagnerM3435:037:03
7Sammy PangleGreenville ScM3736:437:24
8Mark McneillM3836:497:25
9Adam BurlesonSpruce Pine NcM2737:417:35
10James ColvinAsheville NcM6637:447:36
11Anthony RendoM2739:227:56
12Jesse EmryAsheville NcM3739:377:58
13Holly Di GiovineGreenville ScF3640:128:06
14Jim DavisAsheville NcM5140:258:08
15Jimmie ThrashM5940:588:15
16J.J. ThomasKnoxville TnM3341:088:17
17Adam StaffordGreen Mountain NcM3041:238:20
18Brad PufferFletcher NcM4542:198:31
19Alvarez AbernathyAsheville NcM5442:358:34
20Dennis DuffyAsheville NcM5642:578:39
21Jacob BellAsheville NcM2643:148:42
22Maya KeeferF1544:028:52
23David PhillipsM3044:338:58
24Wes MccallM3544:378:59
25Larry BurkeAsheville NcM6144:499:01
26Jennifer KaylorAsheville NcF5045:179:07
27Darren WilliamsAsheville NcM3946:049:16
28Jason WattAsheville NcM3346:079:17
29Leah MathewsCandler NcF4546:129:18
30Christopher JohnsonAsheville NcM3546:229:20
31Kory GardnerF2247:209:32
32Radix FaruqAsheville NcM4148:509:50
33Sally Beth ShoreAsheville NcF4948:539:50
34Michael MccoyAsheville NcM5749:199:56
35Megan BurrowsArden NcF2549:279:57
36Patsy CantorJonesborough TnF4449:5310:02
37Mollie BoazReidsville NcF3450:1310:07
38Donna CopeCanton NcF5750:3010:10
39Karen SilversAsheville NcF3150:3110:10
40Anne StaffordAsheville NcF3351:1210:18
41Robert CantorJonesborough TnM4552:0210:28
42Thomas KotzAsheville NcM5652:2810:34
43Deanna CorleyF4752:3010:34
44Sabrina ThomasAsheville NcF4553:0710:42
45Michael ParkerM5053:5710:52
46Alexandria MccrawHendersonville NcF2654:2810:58
47Jessica Garland WilliamsAsheville NcF3554:5011:02
48Joshua AbramsAsheville NcM4254:5511:03
49Holly HughesF2355:0311:05
50Allison StricklandAsheville NcF3355:1311:07
51Amy KettAsheville NcF3955:1711:08
52Betsie StockslagerAsheville NcF3355:1711:08
53Courtney WillisSwannanoa NcF3055:4711:14
54Michael CopeCanton NcM5757:2311:33
55Heather HughesF3058:1911:44
56Becca MericleFletcher NcF261:00:2212:09
57Elnora ThompsonCherokee NcF671:00:4112:13
58Jennifer PierceKnoxville TnF331:01:0512:18
59Micheal YoderClover ScF571:01:1412:20
60Jennifer HedgesF361:01:3812:24
61Jeff HedgesM341:01:3812:24
62Leo FaruqAsheville NcM121:06:1613:20
63Louly PeacockAsheville NcF501:07:2513:34
64Drew JorgensenBlack Mountain NcF551:09:0013:53
65Janelle FlintF391:09:0013:53
66Julie LambertF311:14:0014:54
67Dawna PaulF461:14:0014:54

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